Core changelog :

  Amiga changelog :
	* Updated to newest sources.
	* Implemented AmiSSL 4 support. Note: make sure you have current time and local region set on your WB.
	   Version 4.6 recommended. Older versions are unstable.
	* Updated libjpeg from jfif-44.13 jpeg datatype by Henryk Richter. 
	* Updated to newest sources.
	* New EaglePlayer.rexx script - improved mod playback from and
	* Fixed mp4 and mpeg conversion playback from youtube.
	* Updated https certificates file ca-bundle.
	* Updated default.css.
	* Allow one more char in Hotlinks.
	* Fixed double pointer on scroll buttons.
	* Works on 030 again.
	* Fixed disappearing cursor when moving out of window.
	* Fixed NetSurf freeze on window move when LimpickClock priority is below 0.
	* Fixed 100% CPU usage. 
	* Fixed French keymap.
	* Fixed Restart button in Preferences.
	* Added playback of radios.
	  Choose AminetRadio in mp3 player field under Prefs/Other tab.
	* Update feature speeded up by using compressed exe. Needs unzip in C.
	* New user_agent option to set custom one (only in Options file atm).
	* Fixed '=' and ':' sign in ISO-8859-1 encoding.
	* Added Italian special chars support.
	* Changed Get Page button to Open File.
	* Fixed default download path.	
	* Updated to newest sources.
	* Updated libcurl to 7.61 and secure certificates. 
	* Optimised AES encrypt/decrypt routines with asm by Tetsuya Isaki. 
	* Updated libjpeg from jfif-44.9 jpeg datatype by Henryk Richter. 
	* Compiled with FPU support. 040 FPU required.
	* Faster jpeg loading by 40%.
	* Improved jpeg loading time even more (thanks to Henryk Richter's optims to libjpeg).
	* Added YouTube streaming of 3gp files though ffplay 
	   (needs to be in C: and CLI must support long names).
	* Updated to newest sources.
	* FIX: Some options from General tab were't saved.
	* Enable auto update in AGA version 
	* FIX: 'Keep history for' option wasn't saved.
	* Don't overwrite existing files on download.
	* Revert libcurl update as it makes unstable connections.
	* Core: Add support for the CSS3 box-sizing property.
	* Update libssl, libexpat, libiconv.
	* fix
	* fix console error when downloading
	* reduce cpu usage by 7-10mips  
	* fixed and improved youtube playback. 
	  > Better video quality (uses ffmpeg now), 
	  > shorter conversion time
	  * New API key needed from *
	* fixed playback
	* fixed youtube playback
	* added autoupdate
	* faster htpps loading with asm optimised  libssl (Chris Young) 
	* fix compatability on FPU systems

    * optimised dithering a bit (thanks matthey)
    * optimised little to big endian conversion
    * compiled for 060 no fpu
    * faster loadnig
    * replaced buggy libiconv which disabled css on some sites
    * added low dithering quality option
    * fixed scale option bug
    * fixed favourite modifiy bug
    * youtube can be played as mp3 with preffered mp3 player in Prefs
    * updated libsdl to 1.2.15 with optimised parts from sdl 2.0.4
    * changed download and play mp3 instead of stream
    * added Polish localization of Prefs using catalog file
    * fixed copy text to clipboard realloc bug
    * faster jpeg loading with libjpeg-turbo 1.5.1   
    * up to 2 times faster png loading with optimised libz-sortix
    * improved Polish localization (thanks HanSolo)
    * updated sources
    * reduced binary size by 1700kb
    * improved truetype/internal font change (fixed layout)
    * added autoplay of SID modules
    * fixed 'get current content' button
    * added auto-conversion to mpeg 1 of video files (see ReadMe for HowTo)
    * replaced wget with builtin download manager
    * updated libs:  libpng 1.6.26; libcurl 7.51; libssl 1.0.1u
    * added MUI Preferences
    * merged bitmap fonts. Now it's possible to choose non ttf fonts in Prefs.
    * created no FPU versions avilable at
    * updated libs:  libpng 1.6.21; libcurl 7.48.0; libssl 1.0.1s
    * fixed: downloads folder was missing
    * added auto playback of modules from and
      Supported players Hipoplayer, Eagleplayer, DeliTracker2.    
      If Hip is slow than switch to AHI.
      Set module_player option to player path and 
      module_autoplay:1 to enable.
    * enabled javascript. Added new button to turn on/off
    * added autodetect_depth option.
    * changed youtube api
    * added stop button
    * added go back/forward mouse buttons support
    * fixed restart action    
    * fixed 100% CPU usage bug

    3.4 dev 2
    * 3 RTG + 3 AGA versions included: libnix, clib2 and ixemul
    * added Messages translations support
    * added pasting text into search bar
    * added utf8 charset into bookmarks
    * added scale_aga option to use own website scaling in aga mode
    * implemended resource loading from OS4 version by Chris Young
    * improved options opening and switching to Workbench in AGA version
    * updated to newest sources
    * added warp_mode for clib. Uses 100% cpu for more speed
    * fixed OpenURL handling
    * set default net_player to Ampilfier
    * reenabled disc cache
    * set default stack size  to 16kb
    * created github repository at
    * set default disc cache size to 100MB (was 1GB)
    3.4 dev
    * compiled without ixemul. No external libraries needed
    * uses 5mb less ram than ixemul version
    * works after unpacking. No additional assings needed
    * fixed youtube and media autoplay
    * disabled disc cache. Hangs in this version.
    * splited history and readme to separate files. Added more info to readme
    * fixed files downloading
    * fixed bookmarks deleting
    * updated libs:  libpng 1.6.17; libcurl 7.42.0; libssl 1.0.1m; libft 2.5.5 
    * updated to newest sources

    3.3 dev 2
    * updated libs: libpng 1.6.16; libcurl 7.38.0; libssl 1.0.1j
    * new theme by Ken Lester        
    * new cursor and throbber animation
    * fixed dissappearing pointer
    * fixed crash on
    * removed getvideo. Added download & play solution through
        Use youtube_autoplay:1 option to enable autoplay after download. 
        Video is saved to ram:video.mp4.
    * moved scroll*.png to theme/icons
    * various bugs and memory leaks fixed

    3.3 dev
    * fixed 100% CPU usage
    * fixed restart button in AGA version
    * return to wb by clicking on throbber (right upper corner) or 
        with middle mouse button
    * added all available options file (Resources/AllOptions)
    * press key ctrl+backspace to go back
    * assign of netsurf: to netsurf folder is required now
        to avoid not finding of resource files

    * add resizable window
    * internal font scaling
    * mobile mode option
    * disk cache function

    * added non-ttf version
    * streaming video & audio now possible. Left click on link to play mp3 with
      AmiNetRadio(can be changed in Options) or ffplay for videos and other
      formats. Internet radio that uses .m3u playlists works too. 
      Right click to download.
    * updated : libcurl 7.36.0
                libssl libcrypto 1.0.1g (fixes Heartbleed bug)
                libexpat 2.0.1
                libpng 1.6.10
                libz 1.2.8
    * updated cetificates file ca-bundle
    * more amiga-like text-fields. Taken from AOS4 version by Chris Young
    * favourite labels are now changed right after editing them in Options
    * delete key works now
    * improved clipboard handling
    * faster getvideo script execution
    * removed saving as png (doesn't work anymore)
    * added link to bookmarks.
      This allows to browse pages as image-maps with clickable urls.
      It's useful for slower machines or pages that are not displayed correctly.
    * added support for WallGet download manager by marcik.
      Use option download_manager to choose between: 
      wallget - best gui, many sites supported
      httpresume - fast, simple gui, no secure and ftp support
      wget - works with most sites including secure and ftp ie. Dropbox.
    * simplify search of resource files = shorter loading times
    * handle Amiga keys
    * works 'out the box' now. No install script.
    * default options values are hidden. To see them - open about:config
        and add them manually to Options file.
    * improved favourites labels display


       * Added key shortcuts for textarea undo and redo.
       * LibNSFB library (NetSurf Framebuffer):
          + Fixed various memory leaks.
          + Added tiled bitmap rendering support.
          + Improved dithering.    
    * replaced sdl_image  with libpng
    * replaced dejavu fonts with older one
       which are much smaller in size (~600 kb vs ~80kb) 
       to speedup loading times one real amigas
    * reduced exe size  to 5MB (was 7)
    * small gui fix
    * updated libs:
        - libpng 1.6.0
        - libfreetype2 2.4.11          

    3.0 (Development)
     * selectable, copyable text
     * scrollbar works in frames
     * added caret  
     * updated: - libpng 1.5.13
                      - libsdl_image 1.2.12
                      - libturbojpeg 1.2.1
                      - libcurl 7.28
     * updated getvideo 0.32
     * works on Aros m68k now
     * fixed closing of program
     * 16 bit works again

    2.9 (SVN r13518)
    * changed default theme (adjusted by James Stalham),
       it can be changed back from Options file
    * linked with libxml 2.7.8
    * added saving pages as png
    * added more search engines
   2.8 (SVN r13055)
    * improved loading times
    * linked with libcurl 7.22.0
    * fixed wikipedia search
    * removed ffplay from archive

   2.8 release (SVN r12759)
    * natami favicon was missing
    * better scrollbar buttons
    * linked with libpng 1.2.46

   Bug fix
    * bookmarks.htm was missing
    * wrong information about 'Go to bookmarks' button
    * revert Choices to Options

    2.7 release (SVN r12139)
    * added dropdown Url textbox showing recently entered addreses (beta;).
    * information of each button function.
    * linked with libpng 1.2.44.
    * linked with libjpeg v8c.    
    * cookie support for
    * restart by clicking on reload with RMB or F7.
    * quick play multimedia using GetVideo with F4.
    * proper display of scalled images (eg. poll bars).
    * possible speedup by setting incremental_reflow to 0
      (needs experimenting).
    * labels for bookmarks.
    * compiled for 060.
    * save page as pdf.
    * ffplay with gui (port by Piotr Bandurski).
    Bug fix
    * Path to cookies and ca-bundle was wrong in previous version.
    * Prefs icon was missing.
    * With font_min_size option adjust url bar font size if previous 
      was too big.
    2.7 development [21.01.2011]
    * Updated to SVN r11431 + frontend.    
    * improved GUI new features:
      + history tree. 
      + better scroller.
      + With new fb_toolbar_size option it is now possible to disable 
        favourites panel by setting it to 30. 
      + With fb_toolbar_layout option you can disable buttons which you 
        don't want to use.
      + You are able to set fonts path in Options. 
        Try bitstream vera which may save some resources.
    New on Amiga part
    * ability to set own favourites. To remove - press right mouse click .
    * AmigaPL keymap support. You need to set accept_charset option
      in Options file to AmigaPL in order to use it.
    * fixed bug which was causing to self typing of letters.
    * nicer buttons icons. Compatible with OS 4 themes by Samir Hawamdeh .
    * F6 key to restart program.
    * close button, press right mouse click to restart.
    * open and edit options file from within browser.
    * changed version numbering to offical.
    2.2 [5.01.2011]

    * Updated to latest SVN r11120.
    * Changed download manager to HttpResume which has GUI.
    * Added 'mailto:' protocol support. Installed OpenURL needed.
    * Updated getvideo to 0.28 (by Juergen Lucas) which fixes YouTube again.

    2.1 [25.08.2010]

    *Added cookies support
     (Doesn't work on

    2.0 [10.07.2010]

    * Updated to latest SVN r10592.
    * Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.0a and fixed cURL to 7.21.0 
      which makes https:// secure sites work. 
      Install of  OpenSSL 1.0.0a needed.
    * Updated getvideo to 0.26 (by Juergen Lucas).
    * Added option gv_action to simplify use of getvideo plugin,
      optons are :  0 - ask , 1 - play  2 - saveplay , 3 - save.
      Default is 0.      
    * Created Bug Tracker on
    * Added version information

    1.9fix [11.06.2010]

    * Fixed hit

    1.9 [02.06.2010]

    * Updated to latest SVN r10552. Fixes the always 100% CPU load on GIF image,
      (eg. inablility to post comments on, ).
    * Small only Amiga code bug fixes.
    * Updated libxml2 to 2.7.7.

    1.8 [29.04.2010]

    * Updated to latest SVN r10518. Fixes bug in layout.
    * Updated libz to 1.2.5.
    * Updated ixemul.library to 63.1.

    1.7 [27.04.2010]

    * Updated to NetSurf 2.5 release. All changes here:
      In short: new cache makes NS two to three times faster.
    * Updated libpng to 1.2.43.
    * Updated libz to 1.2.4.
    * Updated libsdl_image to 1.2.10.
    * Updated getvideo to 0.25 (by Juergen Lucas).
    * New option 'charset' - put here character set of your country for a proper
      local text display. Default is ISO-8859-2.

    1.6 [28.03.2010]

    * added middle mouse button for scrolling,
    * improvement - now installer makes backup of currently installed
      ixemul libraries,
    * new - use own images for buttons (amirul),
    * fixed bug with links which wanted to open new window.
      target_blank in options file need to be changed from 1 to 0
      for this to work,
    * added new button to download current page or whole website,
    * updated ffplay to SVN-r22669 (port by Piotr Bandurski),
    * improvment - ability to browse while downloading,
    * updated libpng to 1.2.39,
    * updated libsdl to 1.2.14,
    * fixed - sometimes buttons stayed pushed,
    * fixed - browsing site with left/right works again.

    1.5 [03.03.2010]

    * delete links from bookmarks with Delete key,
    * add go back and forward keys with alt+left/right,
    * refresh with F5 key,
    * more convinient resize of window - adjust screen size 
      and press restart button (orange rectangle).    

    1.4a [05.02.2010]

    * Fixed playing from youtube,
    * Updated getvideo to ver. 0.24 (by Juergen Lucas).

    1.4 [02.02.2010]

    * Updated to SVN-r9851,
    * Support for more video modes,
    * Added go to top/bottom of web page with Ctrl * Up/Down keys
      (works with mouse wheel too),
    * Scroll more with Shift * Up/Down keys (works with mouse wheel too),
    * Updated ffplay (port by Piotr Bandurski),
    * Changed navigation buttons.

    1.3 [30.11.2009]

    * Added optimizations. NetSurf should work faster now,
    * New, real installer (Alper Sönmez),
    * Numpad keys handling,
    * Updated getvideo to ver. 0.23.

    1.2 [19.11.2009]

    * Updated getvideo to version 0.22,
    * Updated ixemul to ver. 62.1,
    * Special chars on title are working,
    * Buttons act like real buttons,
    * Paste text with Ctrl+V (length of text is limited by size of text area),
    * Streaming of videos (install of new ixemul.library is needed),
      (see here for supported sites
      (not tested with other than YouTube)),
      Play, SavePlay, Save actions added,
    * Support for Turkish and German unicode characters,
    * Icons for search engines,
    * Cursor (alike) in url and search fields,
    * Bookmarks,
    * 16 bit mode work again in window (32 bit is no longer
      required for Netsurf to work).

    1.1 [15.09.2009]

    * New nsfb and css rendering engine, 
       that makes more pages work correctly
    * Downloading,
     * Scrollbar (to be improved in next releases),
     * If screen depth is not 32bit than browser ,
         opens in fullscreen in 32bit. On 16 and 24 bit screens
         Netsurf work but 32bit +must* be supported by your card,
     * Copy/paste url to/from clipboard,
     * Change window size requester,
     * Choose search engine requester,
     * Set homepage feature, 
     * Getvideo plugin implemented (click on You Tube button to
         download and play video with ffplay), 
     * Install script, 
     * Polish and German characters support,
     * Added Esc key to quit.

    1.0 [5.07.2009]

     * Added Google searchbar,
     * Updated to 3.7.2009 SVN, 
         (More web pages work now f.ex.,
     * Compiled with Gcc 4.3.2,
     * Corrected window size when it's equal to Workbench screen,
     * Added proxy server option.

    0.9 [30.06.2009]

     * Added Window title caption,
     * Added better pointer support,
     * Added nicer toolbar icons,
     * Added home page button,
     * Added favourite sites panel.

    0.8 [27.06.2009]

     * Fixed endianes problem with colors.

    0.7 [06.2009]

    * Initial release